Integrity in Your Inspector

The cost of doing business varies from profession to profession but the fact remains, some are in it just for the money. I love my job. I enjoy waking up and going to work and helping people with a big decision. I like that at the end of the day I made a difference. How many of you can say you love your job?

So, let’s talk about the bottom line. What is the cost of doing business, and, I’m talking about the value, not the price. You always get what you pay for, that’s a given. How many of you can say you shop around for value, not price? How many of you check three companies prior to selecting one? The WWW is a great tool and today everyone has access one way or another. Within seconds you have all you need right there at your fingertips, everything from how long someone is in business to how much training and/or education someone has as well as credentials such as licensing and certifications. So, it behooves me when someone calls me for information and tells me their experience looking for a Home Inspector.

This morning I received a call from a potential client. She immediately told me I was her 3rd call. Her and her husband are looking at a 2006 Manufactured home in a local park. The previous Inspector she called had told her that a 2006 unit did not require an inspection, but if he did it, it would be $250.00. I’d like to say I was shocked but I wasn’t. I was then asked what I charge and I told her $325.00. I was asked why my price was so different? I base my time on the square foot of the structure (not room count) and I schedule enough time so I can do the best job without rushing to the next one. I explain maintenance and how things work. Apparently the other two guys just priced or talked themselves out of work for some reason. As a business owner we all look at our bottom line but some of us feel the real value is in experience and Integrity. I do not drop prices when inventory is low or just to beat the competition. Over 30 years in the industry learning and teaching along the way. I work strictly for my client(s) and make sure they are well informed. I value my experience and it is a continuous learning curve as our industry changes year to year with updates. All this is taken into account by the savvy buyer. Integrity can’t be bought and I’ve set my prices to meet industry standards and to compete with others in the field who take their Professions seriously. Our number one job is to protect the consumer from a costly mistake. I love my Job. Inspecting with Integrity.

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